Hostel Booking Terms and Conditions

As you move through the booking process for your chosen hostel, please ensure you check the specific cancellation period and Terms & Conditions, as these may differ to the below.


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  • We require you to prepay for your bookings and will charge your credit card at the time for the nights you have booked.
  • Card processing fees apply to all purchases on our website and will be displayed on the payment page during the booking process. The card processing fee is non-refundable.
  • This charge will be made immediately following the acceptance by you of our rooms and prices, subject to these terms and conditions.
  • For request bookings, where the booking cannot be confirmed at the time of booking, your credit card will be charged on receipt of your request for accommodation and following confirmation of availability with the specified hostel.
  • We quote two prices on our website. These prices are Standard rates and YHA/HI member rates. Standard rates apply to anyone who is not a member of YHA or any other Hostelling International Association worldwide.
  • YHA New Zealand members and Hostelling International members receive 10% off the Standard rates. This rate is displayed on our website as Adult YHA/HI member and is per person, per night, unless otherwise stated.
  • You will be requested to produce your YHA/HI membership card or photo ID on arrival.
  • Double and twin rooms sleep two people, but may be booked for one person only. However, in this situation you will have to pay the full room rate.
  • Prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars, are subject to change without notice, and all guests are required to pay the overnight price current at the time of reservation.
  • We will send you a booking confirmation and follow up communications related to your stay to the email address you provided us at the time of booking.
  • YHA New Zealand, its staff, contractors, and YHA Franchise and Associate hostels accept no responsibility for personal accidents, injury suffered or loss or damage to personal property while on hostel property. We recommend that all guests hold travel insurance.
  • Our minimum recommended age for children in hostels is five years. However, Hostel Managers may accept bookings for younger children provided a family room is available.
  • YHA New Zealand, Hostel Managers and staff retain the right to refuse accommodation at any time.
  • Should your plans change, please contact the hostel directly as soon as possible.
  • Whilst we will do our best to ensure you are accommodated in the same room throughout your stay, due to limited availability at time of booking, it may be necessary for you to change rooms. If applicable, you will be advised of this at check-in. You will be accommodated in a room of similar or higher standard to that originally booked.
  • Due to limited availability at time of booking, we may provide multi-share accommodation for two or more guests in separate rooms. We will do our best to ensure this does not occur, however should this be necessary we will advise you at check-in.
  • During special events, additional terms and conditions may apply. Our cancellation policy is also subject to change during these times.


Amendment, non-arrival, cancellation and refund charges:
  • To amend any booking a $5 NZD amendment fee applies per transaction.
  • Regardless of when you booked, any amendments to your date of arrival cannot be made on the day you are due to arrive. This will instead be treated as a same day cancellation, meaning no refund.
  • A booking for one hostel cannot be transferred to another hostel.
  • Member rates cannot be applied for past stays.
  • If you do not advise the hostel you are cancelling, there is no refund for the first night booked. There is also no refund for any subsequent nights booked which you do not cancel before 2pm the day before. 
  • YHA does not accept liability for your booking should you make an error in the selection of your booking dates and the above non-arrival condition will apply.
  • To cancel any booking a $5 NZD cancellation fee applies per transaction.
  • Bookings made on the day of arrival are non-refundable for the first night if you cancel. Our cancellation rules applies for any subsequent nights.
  • Where you cancel a pre-paid booking we will:
    • Give you a refund (less $5 NZD cancellation fee) if you cancel before 2pm the day before arrival.
    • Not refund you for the first night if you cancel after 2pm the day before arrival. However, we will fully refund you for subsequent nights (less $5 NZD transaction fee) where you have notified us before 2pm the day before the subsequent nights.
  • Where you cancel an unpaid booking, we will charge you a $5 NZD cancellation fee.
  • If you do not advise us of your cancellation, the non-arrival clause applies.
  • Refunds for cancelled or amended bookings will be credited back to the original card debited less a $5 NZD cancellation fee.
  • The card processing fee at time of booking is non-refundable.
  • Cards issued with a new expiry date will need to be provided to us in order to process the refund back to the original card debited.
  • If refunds cannot be credited back to the original card debited a bank transfer will be required. This will incur an associated bank fee.
  • Where you have not provided our team with your new card expiry date or bank account details within 3 months of the original refund request, your case will be closed and no refund will be applied at a later date.
  • YHA is not liable for any differences in exchange rates or fees that are incurred during the refund process.

Request to change a booking


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