Hostel Regulations

YHA New Zealand wishes you a safe and comfortable stay whilst you are our guest.

In order to ensure that all our guests have a memorable experience in our hostels, we require you to have consideration for others at all times.  YHA New Zealand welcomes all travellers from around the world and requests that you interact positively with guests of all cultures who are also exploring the world via YHA’s hostels.

We therefore prohibit the following:

  • Illegal and non-prescribed drugs
  • All weapons
  • Gambling
  • Unauthorised animals
  • Political or religious meetings
  • Entry into bedrooms or bathrooms and toilets set aside for the opposite gender
  • Smoking within the hostel and its grounds
  • Theft of other guests’ or YHA’s property
  • Drunken, noisy, disorderly or abusive behaviour or physical violence
  • Damage to hostel property
  • Discriminatory behaviour

Hostel Managers have the authority to retain your membership card if they believe you have breached this Regulation.

If your behaviour is highly offensive, the Hostel Manager may require you to leave the hostel immediately without a refund.

If you damage any hostel property, we will charge your credit card for the cost of the repairs.

Should you resist the Hostel Manager’s request that you leave the hostel, we will call the Police.


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