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Annual General Meeting

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The 2019 AGM will be held on Saturday, 2 November 2019 in Auckland at the Grand Millennium Hotel. Please note that we strongly advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible due to there being a major rock concert taking place in Auckland on the same weekend - beds will sell out. Please contact the hostel directly to book your bed at [email protected], or call Paula on 09 302 8200. Please think about your room preferences before you email.

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Nominations for Elected Positions

This year there are two National Board vacancies and four Honorary Vice-President vacancies. For more information on the required specifications, please read the Candidate Handbook. Nominations for 2019 elected positions closed on Friday 13 September 2019.

- National Board Nomination Form

- Honorary Vice-President Nomination Form

- Candidate Handbook

- National Board Regulation


Constitutional and General Notices of Motion

These are now closed. No Notices of Motion were received for this year's AGM.


Membership & Governance Review

You may have read in recent editions of YHA News that our group has been tasked by National Board to undertake a membership and governance review.

We wish to propose a governance model that reflects YHA today and into the future; a model that considers the role of membership in YHA’s governance processes. We drafted a consultation paper back in October 2018, and one of our previous Board Members gave a presentation at the last AGM. Feedback was encouraged from members. 

The Board held a planning day at the end of January 2019, which was facilitated by a governance specialist engaged via the Institute of Directors. Also in attendance were Honorary Life Members, Bruce Ward and Harry Guitry.

The discussions were valuable and have given the Board much to think about in relation to the future of membership and governance of YHA. The Board was heartened to hear that the challenges YHA faces in this regard are not unique and are currently being faced by many, if not most, organisations with a similar structure as YHA. It’s still a complex issue and the Board looks forward to talking more with members about its thinking regarding what’s best for YHA as a whole.

A Member Communique with further thoughts on the future of governance of YHA was sent out to members in August, and this can be read here.


Service and Merit Awards

Each year YHA formally recognises those members who have volunteered their time to the organisation by presenting service and merit awards at the AGM. Nominations for these awards may be made by National Board, a Branch Committee, a Members Group, a group of six senior financial members, or the Awards Committee.

Honorary Life Membership
May be awarded to persons (who need not be members) who have made an exceptional voluntary contribution to YHA. This contribution would generally be at a national level, for the benefit of YHA as a whole, and usually over an extended period of time. 

Distinguished Service Award
May be awarded to Senior Financial Members who have made an exceptional voluntary contribution to YHA, particularly at a Branch or Member Group level. 

Certificate of Merit
May be awarded to persons (who need not be members) who have made a significant voluntary contribution to YHA at a local level. 

Nominations are now closed.


Go Paperless!

Did you know that a postal vote costs YHA more than three times the cost of an electronic vote? If you have an email address please let us know so that we can use our limited budget wisely. To update your details, please contact Customer Services: email [email protected] or phone 0800 278 299.

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