National Board

YHA New Zealand is governed by a National Board. The Board is elected by members with two co-opted positions. It acts in the best interests of YHA in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

YHA New Zealand is a not for profit membership-based organisation. The governance role of the Board focuses on YHA's wider issues of organisational purpose, including strategic direction and board-level policies. YHA operates in a commercially challenging environment; the Board’s commercial abilities are critical to ensure YHA's long-term sustainability.

The Board delegates the responsibility of managing the organisation to the General Manager and the Senior Leadership Team, who work together to ensure that objectives and goals are achieved.

Elections are held annually for positions on the National Board, and successful candidates serve for up to a three-year term. Election results are announced at YHA's Annual General Meeting.

The Board has appointed an Intern Board Member, a new initiative where the intern participates as a non-voting member and observer of the Board.

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2020/2021 Board Members

  • Darin Cusack
  • Harry Guitry
  • Ian Lothian (Chair)
  • Maureen McCloy
  • Mark Ebrey
  • Hayley Groves
  • James Bishop (Intern)
  • Nancy Ward (Deputy Chair)
  • Rachael Shadbolt (inset)

(from left to right)

Interested in becoming a Board Member? Nominations for our National Board are now closed.

Make sure you're registered to vote in the next AGM; an email vote is easy, more sustainable, and costs YHA significantly less than paper votes! Update your details

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