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Get the inside scoop to make your New Zealand trip even more awesome! Our hostel staff are the best source of travel info, but we can sure whet your appetite...

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Weekend Road-Tripping in New Zealand

South Island
North Island

We've put together a helpful guide for making the most of your weekends in 2020! All of our tip-top advice, a few things to keep in mind and even some possible route ideas, all in one place!

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YHA Rotorua gerothermal steam offset view more
The Top 9 Geothermal Hotspots to Explore In Rotorua

Rotorua is known as a haven for weird and..

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YHA Christchurch bustling new regent street strip view more
The Ultimate Christchurch Walking Tour

We're lucky to have two hostels smack bang in..

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YHA auckland piha beach view view more
7 Surprisingly Instagrammable Spots in Greater Auckland

In a land of stunningly photogenic beauty, what..

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yha christchurch tram outside the bnz centre view more
Top Things To Do In Christchurch

With two YHA hostels and our National Office..

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Lake Rotorua by Julian Apse view more
Top 7 Must-Do Activities in Rotorua

Rotorua is well known for it's geothermal..

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hot spring pools in the nighttime in tekapo springs view more
Seven Epic Spots For Stargazing In New Zealand

With dark clear skies, unique celestial displays..

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rotorua rafters about to get hit by a wave view more
12 Crazy Adrenaline Activities To Try In New Zealand

While Queenstown gets all the glory for being..

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yha christchurch cyclist couple looking over lyttleton in the port hills view more
Top 8 Mountain Biking Towns in New Zealand

Whether you're an avid downhill mountain biker..

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