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Bus and Bed Packages

InterCity FlexiPass gives you total freedom to explore New Zealand with an hours-based pass that can be topped up as you go. Using the national network of InterCity Coaches and the premium GreatSights coaches, you can set your own itinerary and travel and stay, when and where you want. The more hours you buy, the cheaper each trip becomes and you can even use FlexiPass on the Interislander ferry and GreatSights tours and cruises in the Bay of Islands.

FlexiPass is valid for 12 months so it is ideal for tourists or those travelling on Working Holiday Visas. It is designed for the truly independent traveller wishing to experience New Zealand alongside Kiwis and independent travellers alike. Go where you want, when you want and see the real New Zealand your own way.


Pick a FlexiPass

Choose from 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 hour passes. No worries if you need more hours - you can top up just like a prepaid phone if you run out! Take a look at the network map to figure out how many hours you'll need for your trip.


Pick your nights

Combine your FlexiPass with YHA accommodation vouchers, so you know everything is taken care of when you hit the road. Choose from 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 nights.

From as little as $325 for a 20 hour FlexiPass and 5 nights accommodation.


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20 Hours FlexiPass

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30 Hours FlexiPass

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40 Hours FlexiPass

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50 Hours FlexiPass

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60 Hours FlexiPass

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Please allow 2 to 4 working days for packages to be processed.

Each package includes

1.   An InterCity FlexiPass

  • With the number of coach travel hours purchased
  • Each pass is valid for 12 month
  • Travel plans can be changed up to 2 hours before departure without incurring penalties
  • FlexiPass can also be used on a number of Great Sights and awesomeNZ sightseeing day tours and the InterIslander Ferry

2. YHA Accommodation Vouchers

  • Choose from 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 nights accommodation
  • Package prices are based on multishare accommodation (4-8 bed dorms depending on availability)
  • YHA Accommodation Vouchers are valid for 6 months
  • You can pre-book your accommodation prior to your arrival by contacting our Customer Services team

We can book your airport transfers if required for an additional cost, just let us know the details in the comments box. We're also happy to help with pre-booking activities or if you have any questions about travelling in New Zealand.

Terms and Conditions

  • FlexiPass cancellation policy: FlexiPass is non-refundable once activated and there are no refunds on unused hours. Activation will occur when any travel reservation is made against the pass, there are no exceptions to this.
  • Accommodation cancellation policy: Cancellations made before 6:00 pm the day before arrival - $5.00 cancellation fee applies. Cancellations made after 6:00 pm the day before arrival incur a charge of one night’s accommodation. If you do not advise the hostel you will be charged for all nights pre-booked.

See full package terms and conditions