What WE do

YHA New Zealand is committed to protecting our beautiful backyard and makes sustainability central to the way we run the organisation. That's why we implement environmental initiatives across our hostel network. 

Green Footprint Project

With the increase of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions through increased travel and energy usage, the Green Footprint Project helps travellers reduce some of the impacts they are making on their travels. The Green Footprint Project provides an opportunity for hostellers to give back by purchasing a native shrub or tree at any hostel to help offset the impact of their travel on the environment. Find out more

Clean Up NZ week

The international "Clean Up the World" campaign involves 40 million people and takes the form of an annual Clean Up Week in New Zealand each September. Each year a number of our hostels participate in this activity in their local community.

Being part of the community

All our YHA-managed hostels have incorporated a community project as part of their annual business plans. At least one day a year is spent on community projects and many of our hostels do a lot more. Find out more

Qualmark Responsible Tourism

It’s not just about fancy shampoos and mints on your pillow – what’s more important is whether your accommodation provider is committed to the environment. We implement Qualmark's Responsible Tourism standards across our network. Find out more

Switching it off

We are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption. This is not only good for the planet but good for the bottom line. We want to maximise energy efficiency and use green and renewable energy sources to minimise our emissions and other harmful impacts. We have a number of initiatives in place which has resulted in many of our hostels seeing a big reduction in their power consumption.

Our current energy initiatives include energy efficient light bulbs, insulated hot water cylinders where possible, ceiling and wall insulation, movement sensor light switches, energy efficient heat pumps and hot water heat pumps, grey water heat recovery systems, recladding and installing double glazing, and replacing domestic appliances with energy efficient commercial models.      

We love recycling!

All YHA-managed hostels have clearly marked recycling facilities in the kitchens for plastics, glass, paper/cardboard, aluminium and tin and we have been adding recycling stations in hallways and in guest rooms where possible. We also have fluorescent tube recycling, battery recycling, used clothing collection, reuse of courier bags and even our membership card are now made with recycled PVC!

Some of our hostels have seen a massive 50% increase in the amount of recycling collected and which is no longer going to the landfill. It goes to show every little bit makes a difference.

Water, water

We know our clean water is precious and we want to protect this valuable resource. So we’ve put in place a number of water saving schemes throughout the YHA network.  This includes the Clever Flush water saving device installed in toilets throughout the YHA hostel network, each year saving up to 12,000 litres of water per toilet! We have also installed low-flow showerheads in most of our YHA-managed hostels and our guests have continued to have fantastic showers!

You can help!

We're doing our part to reuse, recycle, conserve and protect our planet. For more specific information on what YOU can do check out some easy and fun tips on how to be a more environmentally friendly backpacker.