Community Projects

Being part of the community

YHA tree planting dayAll our YHA-managed hostels have incorporated a community project as part of their annual business plans. At least one day a year is spent on community projects and many of our hostels do a lot more.

YHA Members and guests can also get involved in community environmental projects around New Zealand. You’ll gain local knowledge, immerse yourself in a unique environment and enjoy meeting volunteers from around the world.

Here’s a taste of just some of our community projects (past and present):

Green Footprint Project

With the increase of world-wide greenhouse gas emissions through increased travel and energy usage, the Green Footprint Project has been established to help you reduce some of the impacts you are making on your travels.

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A Kiwi bird rescueMatakohe-Limestone Island

Matakohe-Limestone Island, situated in Whangarei Harbour, comprises 37 hectares and is home to both kiwi and tuatara. YHA staff and members have assisted in the regeneration of the island by taking part in activities such as planting native trees and removing introduced species.

Pigeon Island

Located at the top end of Lake Wakatipu, Pigeon Island is home to many of New Zealand’s native species and one of the region’s few podocarp-hardwood forests. It is also in close proximity to some of the country’s great walks. To protect this special forest, the Wakatipu Island Reforestation Trust has involved both community members and YHA Queenstown staff and guests in planting more native species on the island.

Clean Up NZ week

The international “Clean Up the World” campaign involves 40 million people and takes the form of an annual Clean Up Week in New Zealand each September. Each year a number of our hostels participate in this activity in their local area.

A hatched TuataraKarori Wildlife Sanctuary

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellington plays an important role in protecting several of New Zealand’s most endangered species. YHA New Zealand supports this special place through sponsorship and encouraging members to learn more.

Ahuriri Reserve Conservation Project

YHA Napier is involved with the Ahuriri reserve conservation project. Staff and guests head out to the estuary on the first Thursday of the month to assist with clean up and maintenance of the estuary to ensure the longevity of this beautiful wildlife reserve.

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