Hostel Regulations Within NZ

Mission Statement

To deliver services to members which enrich their understanding of others and the environment by providing quality accommodation and travel experiences.

YHA New Zealand wishes you a safe and comfortable stay whilst you are our guest.

In order to ensure that all our guests have a memorable experience in our hostels, we ask that you have consideration for others at all times, and to interact positively with guests of all cultures who are also exploring the world through hostelling.

YHA New Zealand is proud of its commitment to sustainability and all our hostels have facilities for recycling waste as well as conservation measures. Information regarding our sustainable practices is on hostel noticeboards and we encourage all guests to rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle and respect at all times.

YHA New Zealand welcomes all travellers from around the world. YHA and Hostelling International members receive a minimum 10% discount on all beds. We do prohibit the following things:

Hostel Managers have the authority to retain the card of any member who commits a breach of the above, and in the case of serious offensive behaviour you may be requested to leave the hostel immediately, without a refund. In the case of damage to hostel property we will charge your credit card for the cost of the repairs.

Should there be any resistance to any member being requested to leave the hostel, the police will be contacted.