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We understand organising a group trip can be time consuming and difficult, especially when travelling with under 18's and even more so if you're planning to stay in more than one location. As well as our usual group services we have policies and procedures in place for school and youth groups to make your planning and preparation easier. 

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Safety & Security

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"It was an excellent stay. I was impressed with the cleanliness and the very professional and helpful staff. Your hostel was perfect for an education-based group where there is a need to care for young people away from home."

Unicef NZ Youth Ambassadors, stayed at YHA Wellington


Safety and Security

YHA can guarantee that your group’s shared rooms will be exclusive to you and that all bedding is provided. Your students will also be separated by gender.  For school and youth groups there must be one adult leader of each sex if it is a mixed party in a ratio of 1:10. For school groups YHA accepts teaching assistants, parents or guardians as sub-leaders, where there is a qualified leader assigned to each gender. 

YHA New Zealand employs a wide range of people, most of whom have contact with customers. To ensure YHA’s reputation, staff, and guests are protected all prospective employees are screened for previous criminal convictions, not including any concealed under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004.

YHA’s commitment to your group safety:

Please note: While YHA takes the health, safety and welfare of everyone seriously, responsibility for the group rests with the Group Leaders. YHA staff cannot act ‘in loco parentis’ but will report inappropriate behaviour to Group Leaders for action.


Risk Assessment Management Systems

Each YHA has a ‘YHA Crisis Management Plan’ available on request from the hostel manager. The document identifies potential risks to all site areas along with measures in place to reduce or remove the risk. If required we can also supply copies of forms such as the policy statement, first aid details, recruitment and training policies, and access audit information.

To make your planning and preparation easier we are also in the process of creating a simple document with all necessary information which you can easily place into your RAMs and use for board approval. 

LEOTC Locations

YHA hostels are ideally located near many Learning Experiences Outside of the Classroom (LEOTC) service providers.  If you are stuck for ideas of where to go and what to do visit our activities grid for LEOTC ideas and nearby YHA hostels. 


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