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Influencer Guidelines

At YHA New Zealand we are often approached by bloggers and social media influencers keen to work with us. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you if you’re interested in engaging with us.

10 Tips for Influencers

1. Personalise your contact with us and show that you have an understanding of our brand and target markets.


2. Propose what kind of activity you are interested in undertaking with us. The more details the better, including where and when and the type of content.
E.g. “I will post an Instagram story on my own account taking people around the hostel. This will take place over two days with at least 6 posts made in that time”.


3. If you already have travel plans in place, provide dates and corresponding locations.


4. Bear in mind that we are a busy hostel network! We rarely host influencers during our busy summer months of November – March or during Ski Season at select hostels.


5. Demonstrate thought around how logistics will work.
E.g. “I will send a bulk lot of photos, for you to develop captions and post over a weekend to simulate a takeover, but maintain control over your own account” or “I’d be interested in having temporary access to your account so that I can post a story as it happens”


6. Get creative! Having something “out of the box” will help you stand out from the crowd.


7. Give us some idea of who you are and what your point of difference is.
Provide statistics for your platforms, consider including screenshots and evidence of consistent success.
E.g. Reach, likes and engagement, number of followers and their demographics.


8. Provide examples of any previous work with brands.


9. Be upfront with the value you place on your images and expected compensation. We’re often interested in licensing images and are happy to have discussions around use; common scenarios entail perpetual licensing for web, social media, and sometimes print usage.


10. The more succinct and relevant details you can provide, the quicker we can get to maximising the potential of joint forces!


Please note that it's extremely rare for us to host within a three week lead-time - it does take us a bit of time to get to a proposal, assess it, negotiate an agreement, and arrange hosting! Your best bet is to contact us a minimum of a month out from your trip, with specific dates and locations so we can proceed.


If you've ticked all the boxes and you've got a great pitch for us, submit your proposal. We'll look forward to hearing from you!


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