YHA NZ Trade Marks

YHA New Zealand is the owner of several registered trade marks.  These include:

The acronym ‘YHA' registration number 628623

The words ‘Youth Hostel' registration number 272870

The following emblem, registration number 216171    



The following emblem, registration number 199430


You must not use any of YHA New Zealand’s trade marks:

Under section 89 of the Trade Marks Act 2002 trading by using a trade mark that is either identical or similar to a registered trade mark - such as that owned by YHA New Zealand amounts to an infringement of section 89 of the Trade Marks Act 2002.

The Trade Marks Act 2002 provides numerous remedies for trade mark infringement including but not limited to monetary damages, injunctive relief, provision for the destruction or confiscation of infringing goods and promotional materials and in case of intentional infringement, punitive damages.

YHA New Zealand values its trade marks and along with its patent attorney will follow up with organisations found to be using its trade marks.

If you have any queries regarding this information please contact YHA New Zealand's National Office.