See New Zealand Terms and Conditions

1.  All YHA New Zealand Accommodation Vouchers are valid for six months from commencement date of package.

2.  Passes are non refundable and non transferable once travel has commenced.

3.  Conditions of each transport pass are indicated on the pass.

4.  The Accommodation Vouchers do not guarantee availability at the hostel of your choice. Reservations are strongly recommended prior to arrival to ensure the room type and location required. Prebookings may incur a service fee of NZ$25

5. Depending on availability, multishare accommodation may be upgraded to private rooms, with the price difference being payable by the bearer at hostel reception.

6. The first day of travel must commence within six months of the day of validation.

7. Passes are not a ticket to travel. Booking for each sector must be made in advance. It is important that on-going travel is booked in advance, in accordance with the transport operators conditions.

8. It is recommended that all passengers have comprehensive travel insurance, including full medical, accident, sickness, travel and baggage insurance.

9. YHA New Zealand, its employees or agents accept no responsibility in any respect for any costs, claims, losses or demands whether arising directly or indirectly:
 a. from any act or omission of YHA New Zealand or its employees or agents; or
b. from any alterations to timetables; or
c. from delays or changes arising from or caused by unusual and unforeseeable circumstances such as natural disasters, fire or adverse weather conditions, technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of ports or strikes or lockouts; or
d. in respect of any matter or thing arising out of the use of the package or any travel and accommodation or other good or service provided with the same; or
e. for any death or personal injury, inconvenience, delay or loss or damage to property.

10. Prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars and are subject to change without notice.

11. YHA New Zealand will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in this Travel and Accommodation Package information.

Cancellations and Amendments:

1. Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to the proposed date of arrival  in New Zealand will be entitled to a refund less a cancellation fee of NZ$50 per person.
2. Cancellations received in the period which is between 2 and 7 days prior to the proposed date of arrival in New Zealand shall be entitled to a refund less a cancellation fee of NZ$100 per person.
3. Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to the proposed date of arrival in New Zealand shall not be entitled to a refund.
4. Once the package has commenced, no portion of the package is refundable for whatever reason.

InterCity Group (Comprising Newmans Coachlines, InterCity Coachlines and Flexi-Pass product)

YHA will not be liable for any refunds on InterCity Group transport where a passenger or retail agent has activated travel or YHA has been instructed to activate travel on the traveller’s behalf. 
1. All tickets sold are 100% refundable up to time of activation.
2. No refund is applicable to tickets cancelled after time of activation.
3. Where an InterCity Pass is sold in conjunction with YHA New Zealand Accommodation, YHA New Zealand reserves the right to deduct cancellation fees on accommodation as outlined in its terms and conditions.
1. A pass will be activated from the date and time that either the pass holder or an agent on behalf of a pass holder contacts InterCity Group and requests their pass be activated so they can begin travelling; or the date and time that any travel booking is made against a pass, whichever occurs first. A pass can not have any travel reservations made against it without it being activated.
2. InterCity Group strongly recommends that all pass holders take out adequate travel insurance as no exceptions to the above will be accepted.
3.     YHA New Zealand strongly recommends that travellers and agents consult with YHA New Zealand prior to activating InterCity Group Travel Passes.

YHA Payment Due

Full payment for all packages is due on confirmation of bookings. These payment terms apply to all direct and agent sales, unless expressly varied in the Agent Agreement.

YHA New Zealand Responsibility:

In organising these packages, YHA New Zealand is acting as a package organiser. YHA New Zealand does not operate the air, sea and land transport in these packages and does not accept responsibility for any act or omission on the part of those actually performing these services. For bookings and enquiries, please contact your local travel agent or YHA New Zealand.
Your Agreement for any travel or other services booked by you using information from YHA New Zealand’s website is with the relevant provider and upon the terms and conditions applied by them. YHA New Zealand makes no warranty as to the travel and other services whatsoever.