Dunedin YHA Members Group

The Dunedin Branch recently dissolved and reformed as a Members' Group. The forming of a members' group allows interested members to get together from time to time for social activities without having to meet the constitutional requirements of a Branch.

To find out more about this group or to become a member, contact the National Secretary.

The Dunedin Branch over the years has play a significant role in the Youth Hostel movement in New Zealand. Members were responsible for the first hostels in the area. Wanaka and Waikouiti hostels were built by members. The day to day running of the hostels was carried out by wardens administered by the Branch, at Shag Point, 

Waikouiti, Dunedin, Roxburgh Hyrdro, Queenstown and Wanaka. The work was funded by numerous fund raising activities and maintenance was carried out by work parties.

The Branch was responsible for having the Queenstown Lakefront Hostel built as the first National Hostel, funding coming from Branch fundraising and  a fund set by national office. The Branch ran the hostel until the 1980s when National Office took over the day to day running.

On behalf of the Dunedin Branch Committee, I would like to thank all those who volunteered their time and skills throughout the years.

Margaret Harding, Chair
Dunedin YHA Members Group


Upcoming Activities

No activities are planned for the coming months.

Recent Activities

In November 2011 the YHA Annual General Meeting was held in Dunedin with the assistance of the Branch. Around 85 people gathered in Dunedin for this weekend getaway and enjoyed all that Dunedin has to offer. To find out more about the AGM Weekend click here.

During the weekend members of the Dunedin and Rotorua Branches joined forces to fundraise for the Stewart Island Project by providing a wonderful afternoon tea at the hostel on the Friday afternoon. This was a not only great opportunity for members to meet others in an informal setting, but it also raised $310 for the project. Well done!


At the AGM, YHA takes the opportunity to recognise those who have made a contribution to the organisation and issues awards. The Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to Senior Financial Members who have made an exceptional voluntary contribution particularly at a Branch or Member Group level. At the 2011 AGM this award was presented to Cath Grant and Margaret Harding of the Dunedin Branch.

Cath Grant - Distinguished Service Award

Cath has served on the Dunedin Branch Committee since 1981, as secretary since 1993. During the past 30 years Cath has given ongoing outstanding service in making drapes, curtains etc. for Dunedin and Wanaka hostels. 

Her practical skills, ability to organise and provide catering ‘at the drop of a hat’, and commitment to serving on the Branch Committee, Region 4 Council and willingness to assist YHA staff are features. Cath has worked voluntarily and independently on furnishings, renewing upholstery of lounge furniture with the agreement and approval of Hostel Managers and the Dunedin Branch committee. She is generous with hospitality, catering for meetings from 1975 to 2002.

Over the years Cath has made a significant contribution to YHA, recognised in 1993 when she was the recipient of a Certificate of Merit. Since then she has maintained a lively interest, keeping abreast of all the changes. Her skills and enthusiasm have been evident on several occasions including the opening of the third Te Anau YHA in 2000, in organising the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Dunedin Branch, and her participation and assistance with the 50th Anniversary of Southland Branch at Te Anau in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of Region Four Council and with the 75th Anniversary of YHA New Zealand in 2007.

Margaret Harding - Distinguished Service Award

A Gold member since the 1960s, Margaret was involved in work parties then and has always stayed in YHA hostels. Margaret has served on the Dunedin Branch Committee since 1992, has been Chair for many years and a mainstay of Dunedin Branch Committee and Region 4 Council. Margaret was a Region 4 Council representative during these years and involved in the provision of catering.

She has made a worthwhile contribution, recognised in 2004 when she received a Certificate of Merit. Margaret looks after the welfare of others, observes what needs to be done and gets on with it. A great volunteer in her Cathedral Church and a Guide Leader for countless years. Margaret is a good listener, modest, humble, intelligent, capable and a hero in the loyalty and support she gives YHA in all aspects. Her support and enthusiasm on the Dunedin Branch committee are widely recognised attributes.