Free WiFi for members

Up to $5 a day for non-members

Who would have thought that New Zealand's most affordable accommodation network would also be the one to offer the best free WiFi deal? YHA knows how costly and challenging and important it is to stay connected with family and friends back home. So we're offering free WiFi to our members!

It's not your tricky low-speed, low-limit WiFi either. YHA is now offering FREE high-speed WiFi of up to 1GB per day for members staying overnight at over 30 of our YHA managed and Associate hostels - now that's a lot of Skype time in anyone's book!

YHA is currently rolling out new Telecom WiFi and that means faster connections across the network. It does mean that there is a bit of variety between hostels over the next few weeks. Members it is free at all the hostels below with the 1GB data limit. For non-members, where we run the Telecom WiFi it costs $10 per week and if you're at a hostel where our old system is in operation it's $5 a day.

So why not join the YHA family and get connected for free and you can catch up with friends, family and the rest of the world when you're crisscrossing the Land of the Long White Cloud?

Become a member of YHA New Zealand and start enjoying your free WiFi today. Join now.

Participating hostels:
North Island
South Island

In order to keep you room costs to a minimum some of our smaller privately-run hostels have a small charge for WiFi usage. Actual costs will vary and not all hostels have WiFi access.

Please note: