Organising your group

For school and youth groups there must be one adult leader of each sex if it is a mixed party in a ratio of 1:10. For school groups YHA accepts teaching assistants, parents or guardians as sub-leaders, where there is a qualified leader assigned to each gender.

For adult groups these recommendations are flexible but there must be a designated and responsible leader.

Safety and security

YHA takes the health, safety and welfare of all customers, staff, volunteers and others who may be affected by our business very seriously.

YHA’s commitment to your group:

• YHA will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and security of your group and property.
• A member of staff will be available 24 hours a day
• We operate strict close-down procedures and fire security checks every night
• The hostel manager will brief the group leaders on safety and security
• YHA will assist with providing risk assessment information on request

Please note:
Responsibility for the group rests with the Group Leaders. YHA staff cannot act ‘in loco parentis’, but will report inappropriate behaviour to Group Leaders for action.

Risk assessment

Each YHA has a ‘YHA Crisis Management Plan’ available on request from the hostel manager. The document identifies potential risks to all site areas along with measures in place to reduce or remove the risk. It also offers you the option to request copies of forms such as the policy statement, first aid details, recruitment and training policies, and access audit information.

Terms and conditions

For a full list of our terms and conditions or to enquire about group accommodation, please email our Customer Services team or phone freephone (within NZ) 0800 278 299.

Or if you would like to make a group booking, please fill out our Groups Booking form.