Our Organisation

National Board

YHA New Zealand is governed by a National Board. The Board is elected by members and its role is to act in the best interests of YHA in order to ensure its long term sustainability.

Board Governance

The governance role of the Board focuses on YHA's wider issues of organisational purpose, including the setting and monitoring of strategic direction and the establishment and monitoring of board-level policies. YHA operates in a commercially challenging environment; the Board’s commercial abilities are therefore critical to ensure YHA's long term sustainability.

The Board works in close partnership with the Chief Executive, supporting and resourcing the Chief Executive to ensure that its objectives and goals are achieved.

Elections are held annually for positions on the National Board, and successful candidates serve for up to a three-year term.  Election results are announced at the Association's Annual General Meeting.

National Board for 2013/2014

Coral Laughton (National Chair)
Kevin Brewer
Barry Cope
Clive Croy*
John Hammond (Deputy Chair)
Ray Salter
Michael Sheehan
Steve Wakefield

*Clive is also a member of the Hostelling International Board.

YHA News

YHA News is a regular publication for members to keep them in touch with what is happening at YHA. Please click here for more information.

Our People

Just over 220 people work for YHA around the country. The Chief Executive leads the team from the national office based in Christchurch.

Honorary Vice-Presidents

Honorary Vice-Presidents are elected positions called upon for advice and support. Up to four Honorary Vice-Presidents hold office until the next Annual General Meeting and are eligible for re-election.

Honorary Vice-Presidents for 2013/2014

Hamish Allardice
Amanda Gower
Harry Guitry
Donald Paterson