Mission and Values


YHA's Mission and Values are grounded in its charitable objects, defined by the Constitution as:

Aims and Objects

To promote within New Zealand the education, health and well-being of people by providing encouragement and opportunity for the gaining of knowledge and awareness of:

In furtherance of its charitable objects the Association shall provide hostels or similar accommodation, promote educational and recreational activities, facilitate travel, and practice and promote environmental sustainability.

YHA New Zealand’s Mission

To deliver services to members which enrich their understanding of others and the environment by providing quality accommodation and travel experiences.

Organisation Commitments

In working to achieve its mission, YHA New Zealand is committed to:


We share a set of core values that define us as an organisation and the way we work within the organisation, with guests, with stakeholders and our industry partners. These values are:


We demonstrate honesty, fairness, openness and clear boundaries in all our interactions, behaviours and practices within the organisation and with our clients, stakeholders and the wider community.


We acknowledge and respect differences in each other, and provide a safe, supportive environment in which all individuals and staff are valued and encouraged to engage in open two-way communication.


We will stand up for what we believe in and go the extra distance in all our activity.


We will set the standard in service delivery, through a commitment to excellence, innovation, ongoing learning and continuous improvement.